Video editor/shooter

Recreation is a full service design and brand strategy agency located in the Jackson Square neighborhood of San Francisco. We are looking for a hybrid Video Editor / Shooter to join our growing team of Editors, Shooters, and Motion Designers in our in house motion and video production department. You will work with talented creatives and strategists across multiple disciplines (digital, print, social, environmental, and experiential) to develop engaging creative communications.

We’re looking for someone who has proven they can shoot and edit a story no matter the subject matter. Someone who can create a shot where there is no shot. Create an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer. Someone who knows composition and lighting. And once they get the shots, how to string them together into a perfect symphony of images and sound. Whether it's a skateboard video or a corporate documentary.


  • Must be able to shoot on RED and/or a C300, but even on a 5D and make all of shots look good.
  • Must be able to shoot run and gun AND in the controlled environment of a studio.
  • Must be able to shoot to storyboard AND make it up as they go along.
  • Must be able to shoot in existing light AND understand lighting design.
  • Extensive knowledge of compression, codecs, and final color correction.
  • Solution focused with the ability to find creative technical solutions deep while still maintaining focus on story telling, pacing and cinematic flow.
  • Must be fluent with all ranges of cameras, photographic processes and related gear. Always looking at the latest gear.
  • Must have a passport, a love for travel, and be pleasant to travel with. 
  • Must be able to edit in Premiere. After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and other color correction skills are a huge plus.
  • Film school not required, but looking for an amazing reel that was filmed and edited by you. 

Send CV and something you shot with your mobile phone where you make a cameo.

This is a full-time position and we offer full benefits, a work environment without a lot of layers or politics, and a chance to learn, grow and make a difference for both our clients and the agency. If all that sounds good, we look forward to hearing from you.