Capturing Chevron’s Stories of Human Energy

Chevron has more than 66,000 employees – from firefighters to energy traders and even a non- destructive quality asset integrity and reliability inspector. (That’s Mauricio. He builds robots.) By telling these stories of “Human Energy,” Chevron reaffirms their brand message and gives their community a look behind the scenes at the scope and breadth of their global operations.

This is the first in a series of videos that Recreation shot for the global energy brand. Check back for more of these fascinating stories rolling out in the coming months.

Recreation acquires Oakland-based shop Arson.

ArsonBlackWe’re thrilled to announce that REC has reached across the bay to acquire independent Oakland ad agency Arson. The pairing adds even more experience and capabilities to our growing team.

“I started Recreation because I knew great brands needed to tell great stories in new, interesting and exciting ways,” said REC founder Todd Ransick. “In Arson, we’re getting smart, highly creative pros who will help grow our agency and take our clients to the next level.”

“Since they started about the same time we did, I’ve always paid attention to, and admired, their work from over here in the east bay. Todd and everyone at Recreation are building something we really want to be a part of. I’m thrilled to join forces with them,” said Arson co-founder/Creative Director, Matt Morin, who will oversee the Recreation creative department.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in downtown Oakland, Arson built a strong client roster of both local and national brands such as Advent, Gigwalk, Sunrun, Group Delphi and Prospect Sierra.

If you want to learn more about our new additions or simply come say hi, let us know.

Launch: Paxos


DigiSight’s Paxos platform allows for an unprecedented level of communication between doctors and their patients by facilitating high frequency, real-time feedback that allows physicians to adjust their treatment recommendations continuously and as needed. In some cases, a minor adjustment in treatment could be the difference between sight and blindness. Rec was brought in to name the platform, the product lines, and create a brand architecture and an identity system for digital and print communications.


On Board: Corey Blick, VP Brand Strategy


The team continues to grow with the addition of Corey Blick as VP of Brand Strategy.

We’re thrilled to have him here at Recreation, as he brings years of experience launching and growing consumer brands in both the retail and direct-to-consumer environments.

Corey has spent the last decade bringing consumer products to market. He co-founded FRS, a first of its kind natural energy drink. He established national retail and direct-to-consumer distribution reaching peaks of $50MM in sales. Most recently, he was the EVP of Marketing for Nawgan (a division of Kirin) leading new brand development, route-to-market marketing strategy, winning key distributors and retailers in record time. He’s also was the GM of P3 where he was put leading edge sports science applications on a global stage, attracting top tier sports organizations and athletes. Other brand launches include Q-Force Chews and ProBound Recovery Fuel. Corey’s experience bringing ideas to market—and years of being a client of agencies—gives him a unique perspective on what it takes to work with an agency to help marketing organizations bring their ideas and brands to life.

Well…that was unusual.



Incredible last day in the village. We had quite a few new directors (the kids) around making sure we framed the shots correctly and the exposure was set properly. The village kids kept saying “Not another rack focus!” and “You going to have to do some serious stabilization in post.”  Very impressive.


But the most pertinent part of today was when we introduced the One World Play Project’s futbol into the equation.  I won’t give too many details about what happened so as not to spoil the film, but it was not what I expected at all and endlessly fascinating.  Also, words will not do it justice. There were politics. There was confusion. Maybe some anxiousness.  But then the most miraculous thing happened.  Play happened.  


It was quite incredible to watch.  The transformative power of play right before my eyes. Heard about it, read about it, but never saw it. Until today.


We had all four cameras rolling all day long getting footage. I really hope we captured it. I think we did.

So that’s a wrap and off to editing.  Thanks so much to our partner in Myanmar Tim Mitzman and the whole Bridge team for lending him to us.  As the saying goes, “I let Rec have the head of my agency for three days and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”


p.s. We could do an entirely different documentary on the flash flood we got stuck in after midnight on the way back from the village. Let’s just say I got out of the car to walk into a river that used to be a street to measure how deep the water was. Incredible.


We Arrive in the Village


Finally found an internet connection. In Myanmar, it helps to get up REALLY early in the morning if you want speeds faster than dial up. We’re really do take connectivity for granted, but considering that open internet access wasn’t even allowed a few short years ago, I’m not complaining.

Day one of the shoot is in the can and I couldn’t be more pleased.

We travelled to a remote village in central Myanmar along the banks of the Irrawaddy river. Since, the village gets very few outside visitors, it was the perfect place to study and establish a baseline.

We spent the day talking to 5 amazing kids who (once they got beyond “the circus is in town” effect of having a film crew show up at their door) had some really incredible and insightful things to say to us about what they do for fun as well as some of the frustrations they have about living in a rather harsh environment and its effect on their fun. We saw creativity and ingenuity everywhere as the kids trotted out some pretty remarkable homemade toys. We learned about the differences in how the boys played and how the girls played and the hierarchical system that determined who got to do what.

So now that the baseline is established, today we are going to introduce the balls into the dynamic and see what happens.

It’s back in the van for the long trek to the village to begin day 2 of the village shoot. Can’t wait to see what happens.

PS:  If it doesn’t look like it’s really hot and there aren’t a lot of mosquitos biting the hard working film crew pictured above, trust me it is and there are. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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