Saw Min Maw vs. DHL and Myanmar Customs



The good news? The One World Futbols arrived in Yangon. The bad news? The value of the balls were reported erroneously which triggered the day long anything over $500 will result in the Myanmar customs office keeping the package in question for at least the next decade debacle. Despite Saw Min Maw’s valiant efforts to encourage (bribe) the officials, the futbols will not be allowed to enter the country.

But fear not, in the true Rec spirit of always being able to “figure something out”, we’ve pivoted and reconcepted the shoot in order to utilize the 5 balls that we brought with us (thank goodness we brought them) to tell an even more powerful and precise story.

The power of government red tape is no match for the power of play.

And it’s on tomorrow at 4:00am.

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