South Korea (aka 70% there)



Not there yet.  Almost.  5 more flying hours.  Until then, I’ll use this opportunity to rant briefly about US airports and lounges.  I really don’t know why the rest of the world puts up with us.  Incheon is a lovely place where around every corner is a quintet or a traditional Korean performance of some kind.  It’s almost like Disneyland.  I keep waiting for them to clear the walkways for a parade. I think a quintet would make O’Hare a much more tolerable place, but nothing will fix the United Club there.

The Asiana Business lounge (really the only reason I fly United all the time is to be able to get into non-United lounges) is equally as lovely.  Self-service beer on tap, wine, noodles, fried rice, a grand piano, Cokes (I got one for you Jack) and the nicest public restroom I’ve ever seen. I don’t usually post pictures of toilets, however…..


We are going to enjoy this pampering for a couple of more hours.  Next post from Yangon.

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