We Arrive in the Village


Finally found an internet connection. In Myanmar, it helps to get up REALLY early in the morning if you want speeds faster than dial up. We’re really do take connectivity for granted, but considering that open internet access wasn’t even allowed a few short years ago, I’m not complaining.

Day one of the shoot is in the can and I couldn’t be more pleased.

We travelled to a remote village in central Myanmar along the banks of the Irrawaddy river. Since, the village gets very few outside visitors, it was the perfect place to study and establish a baseline.

We spent the day talking to 5 amazing kids who (once they got beyond “the circus is in town” effect of having a film crew show up at their door) had some really incredible and insightful things to say to us about what they do for fun as well as some of the frustrations they have about living in a rather harsh environment and its effect on their fun. We saw creativity and ingenuity everywhere as the kids trotted out some pretty remarkable homemade toys. We learned about the differences in how the boys played and how the girls played and the hierarchical system that determined who got to do what.

So now that the baseline is established, today we are going to introduce the balls into the dynamic and see what happens.

It’s back in the van for the long trek to the village to begin day 2 of the village shoot. Can’t wait to see what happens.

PS:  If it doesn’t look like it’s really hot and there aren’t a lot of mosquitos biting the hard working film crew pictured above, trust me it is and there are. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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