Well…that was unusual.



Incredible last day in the village. We had quite a few new directors (the kids) around making sure we framed the shots correctly and the exposure was set properly. The village kids kept saying “Not another rack focus!” and “You going to have to do some serious stabilization in post.”  Very impressive.


But the most pertinent part of today was when we introduced the One World Play Project’s futbol into the equation.  I won’t give too many details about what happened so as not to spoil the film, but it was not what I expected at all and endlessly fascinating.  Also, words will not do it justice. There were politics. There was confusion. Maybe some anxiousness.  But then the most miraculous thing happened.  Play happened.  


It was quite incredible to watch.  The transformative power of play right before my eyes. Heard about it, read about it, but never saw it. Until today.


We had all four cameras rolling all day long getting footage. I really hope we captured it. I think we did.

So that’s a wrap and off to editing.  Thanks so much to our partner in Myanmar Tim Mitzman and the whole Bridge team for lending him to us.  As the saying goes, “I let Rec have the head of my agency for three days and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”


p.s. We could do an entirely different documentary on the flash flood we got stuck in after midnight on the way back from the village. Let’s just say I got out of the car to walk into a river that used to be a street to measure how deep the water was. Incredible.


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