Avinger is a medical device company that is changing the way vascular disease is treated (and the way devices are marketed.)

Founded by world renowned physician inventor John B Simpson, Avinger wasn’t just another medical device company with parity technique for treating peripheral arterial disease. It was our job to make it perfectly clear to the world through trail blazing brand strategy, marketing communications and design that this was indeed the case.


 Nothing Dr. Simpson accomplished in his career had been by the book and his new company’s approach to branding and marketing a medical device couldn’t possibly be an exception.

So for Avinger, our job wasn’t simply to design the logo, the website and some print collateral pieces, the Avinger look and feel needed to flow into all of the communications materials both internal and external—the advertising, signage, job applications, t-shirts, events, invitations, software interfaces, patient documentaries, keynote addresses, case study forms, scrub caps, internal training, external training, leasing contracts, research videos, clinical trials…anything and everything that carried the Avinger mark had to be in-line and on-brand. And because Avinger’s product pipeline was fast and furious, the identity and naming system needed a flexible brand architecture to be able to handle quick turns. Saying, “no, it can’t be done” to Dr. Simpson is not recommended, so we created an approach to make sure that never happened.

Lumivascular was an entirely new way of treating patients and required a much larger capital investment and training component. To compensate for this, we created a four part program to promote, educate, train, and sell the technology to physicians, technicians, and hospital executives.

INTOUCH for physician referral and lead generation, ENGAGE for giving key opinion leaders speaking opportunities and forums for influence, LAUNCH for new customer training, support, and increasing product utilization and REACH for public relations and promotion to drive patients to hospitals using the technology. Avinger customers weren’t just buying a piece of equipment, they were buying an entire program.

Interactive was a crucial component to the overall marketing communications strategy. We knew we had to go beyond the obligatory corporate website which was largely controlled by bandwidth and regulatory, so we also developed custom mobile app sales tools, training games, microsites, and eBlasts.

To give the sales force the most up-to-date materials, we developed a sales tool distribution application for the iPad called SOAPBOX. To train physicians on how to interpret the images they see with OCT, we developedapplication called BEAM. In addition,multiple microsites were developed to promote and continually engage customers with Lumivascular programs and clinical trials.

beam ipad app


The Ocelot Series consists of seven documentaries highlighting the life changing effect that Avinger’s technology has had on patient’s lives around the world. Shot on location as a day in the life of real patients, the short films illustrate the struggle patients suffering from peripheral arterial disease have and how Avinger’s technology helped save their legs and in some cases their lives.

View all of the documentaries here.

avinger sales force