Digisight Technologies

An idea that will revolutionize mobile health, required brand strategy that was just as revolutionary.  

DigiSight had a product suite that leveraged best-in-class HIPPA compliant technology to quickly gather and process ophthalmologic patient data-anytime anywhere. This platform would allow an unprecedented level of communication between doctors and their patients by facilitating high frequency, real-time feedback that allows physicians to adjust their treatment recommendations continuously and as needed. In some cases, a minor adjustment in treatment was the difference between seeing and not seeing. It was a revolution in sophisticated simplicity, so we knew the naming and identity design could be no less sophisticated, simple and of course revolutionary.  We were thrilled to bring the brand to life.

digisight logo development

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’d like you to meet Paxos.

After an immersive naming phase we dubbed this platform, Paxos and created a system for naming individual products. Next, we created a visual system that would go beyond logos to permeate every touchpoint of the brand; from trade shows to apps to packaging to swag. Understanding the value of their current brand equity, we also evolved the DigiSight logo to be more congruent with the look and feel of their new product suite.

app screens