One World Play Project

It started with a simple concept: A ball.  

In 2006, inventor Tim Jahnigen was watching news footage about traumatized refugee youth in Darfur playing soccer on dirt using a ball they had made by tying trash together with twine. It was at that moment that he decided he needed to created an ultra-durable ball to bring the transformative power of play to the hundreds of millions of youth who don’t even have something as simple as a ball.  In 2010, with the help of his musician friend Sting and founding sponsor Chevrolet, One World Fútbol Project was formed and the universal power of play began to spread across the planet. Through their “buy one, give one” program, the goal is to bring the power of play to 45 million people who need it most.

The One World Fútbol was just the beginning.

The impact that the organization’s initial efforts demonstrated was that the world’s need for play was something much greater that just a soccer ball. So when One World Fútbol came to us in desperate need for a new website, the discussions quickly shifted to the broader mission. It was clear that it was time to evolve the name and brand. But how? Renaming an organization was tricky and sensitive to say the least and it was important not to lose the brand equity One World Fútbol Project had worked so hard to garner. We started with rethinking the Michael Vanderbyl designed logomark.  It needed not only to incorporate the new name, but also be more flexible for use in areas other than on the product like print, digital and promotional items. In 2014, we relaunched One World Fútbol Project as One World Play Project with an entirely new (but with a nod to the old) identity system and brand look and feel.