Helping a Brand Evolve, Every Step of the Way

Philips Volcano is a market leader for guiding innovation within healthcare and social sciences. Well known for their industry leading technology and human focus, they partnered with REC to help them deliver equally innovative brand solutions. From our early stages helping to grow Volcano brand, all the way to our most recent work with Philips Volcano, REC has helped bring their brand story to life every step of the way.

Volcano was acquired by Philips, and began looking for a way to leverage the two companies’ material to best target Physicians interested in opening their own outpatient facilities. REC took existing assets from both companies, and created a unique brand platform to launch future Philips Volcano messaging from. The end result was comprehensive collateral platform for the Philips Volcano sales team to easily and effectively communicate brand benefits with Physicians and investors.


Product Animation and Motion Graphics

In order to better promote the Phoenix device to physicians and healthcare administration, we worked with Volcano to visually convey the unique features and benefits their device has to offer. REC storyboarded, designed, and produced a fully animated product video utilizing the latest in 3D rendering technology to showcase device features up close and highly detailed.

Augmented Reality Ad, Sales Collateral and Trade Material

To help Volcano stand out from the crowd, REC created a complete trade show package of promotional material directly contained within a single overarching campaign featuring an industry leading augmented reality interactive advertisement. Each piece directly tied back to the interactive augmented reality video, adding emphasis to the full 360 degree support Volcano provides.


The REACT Campaign

Everyone knows that exposure to radiation is not good for you. And year after year physicians are exposed to more and more radiation from fluoroscopy than ever. The folks at Volcano came to us to help them spread the word that physicians should be aware of their exposure and consider alternative technologies and methods to mitigate how much radiation they were exposing themselves to. We created REACT (Reduce Exposure and Contrast) as a sponsored campaign to bring radiation awareness into the conversation.

react brochure

magazine advertisment